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icomail RK Sedlák s.r.o.
Továrenská 532
905 01 Senica  
icoperson Jiří Sedlák
Jiří Sedlák
icotel +420 541 320 120 
+421 944 060 127
icozavinac info@hodvabka.sk 

About area

As a result of restructuring Slovenský hodváb PLUS, s. r. o. decided to sell parts of manufacturing area with estates, manufacturing buildings, storehouses, workshops and other facilities.

Nowadays, whole manufacturing complex is broadly empty and individual parts are ready to be sold immediately. Total area is approximately 150,000 sq m.

In other part of the area of about 110,000 sq m that is closely connected with uptown, bus station and LIDL, demolishing works take place, thus, there will be new land intended to commercial building, retail, services, possibly other activities.

After selling of individual parts, nowadays nonfunctional ensemble will be divided into parts. Today, the area is ready and will be functionally divided so it would be possible to buy individual halls or estates. Individual estates will be accessible by means of existing communications (there will be set the right of using) and individual ensembles will be connected to existing utility lines, water, electricity, gas and waste pipe. Factual divide of area depends on selling of individual parts. Today, the area is divided into the smallest possible parts so we can address the most possibly interested persons.

2011 RK Sedlák s.r.o.